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About Devyara

We believe that a trader trading with proper technical analysis has a better chance of staying in the market as compared to the one who does not.

We observed that traders in the stock market want to do research and analysis, but all the websites with appropriate data are under a paywall. So, we decided to fix this by providing valuable data from reliable sources and applying technical analysis to that data to help you study the market better without paying anything.


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Why exists?

Hey, my name is Nippun Rana, I am a software developer and stock market enthusiast. In 2020, I started a website for investors that helps them study and analyze the Indian stock market with the help of technical analysis and historical price and returns data.Now, with the success of that website, I gathered a team of like-minded people to help investors around the world.With a dedication to data-driven precision algorithm, we aim to provide you with the insights and knowledge you need to make informed investment decisions.


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Historical data

We collect historical share price data from the reliable source and post on our site for you to study.


Using technical analysis, we help you create support and resistance levels for you to study market better.

Technical Analysis

As we have the share price data and other important metrics, we do technical analysis and explain its importance.

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